VEIO Yay Specifications

Basic Specification
Net Weight 24.5kg
Unfolded Size 1900x680x1200mm
Size of Frame 29"x17"/29"x19""
Length of Handlebar

660mm (26", without grip covers), 680mm (26.8", with grip covers)

Height of Saddle (from the ground) 43.3"-47.2"
Recommended Rider Height 155-195cm (around 5' 1"-6' 5")/165-200cm (around 5' 5"-6' 7")
Max Load of Bike 120 kg (around 264.5 lbs)
Cut-off Speed 25km/h
Max Range (Assist Mode) 150km (Assist Mode)
Pedal Assist Levels 12/15/18/21/25 km/h
Walk Mode 6km/h
Waterproof Level IPX5
Material Aluminium Alloy (AL6061)
Braking System Hydraulic Disc Brakes & Power-off Design
Suspension Hydraulic Suspension with a Lockout
Suspension Travel 100 mm
Type Mid-Drive Motor
Rated Voltage 36V
Max Instantaneous Power 432W
Max RPM 114
Max Output Torque 70N.M
Brand Shimano
Number of Gears 7 (Rear)
Capacity 14.5Ah
Voltage 36V
Charging Time 7.5h
Power Capacity 522Wh
Protection System Yes
Input 100-240V, ≤2.0A
Output 42V, 2A
Brand CST
Size 29"x2.25"
Type Pneumatic Rubber Tires
Tire Pressure 40-70PSI
Best Tire Pressure 45-65PSI
Size 3.5"
Type LCD
Information Speed, Battery Level, Trip Distance/Odometer, Assist Level, Walk Mode, Light Mark, Brake Mark
Functions Power on/off, turning light on/off, shifting assist levels, activating walk mode, removing trip data, setting screen timeout, etc.

The max range is achieved under the following conditions: 75kg load, 26℃ temperature, 15km/h constant speed, on flat roads with no strong wind.